Monday, April 2, 2012

March Mash Up

I decided to try something new. I don't have time to review every movie I see, so I thought I'd give a quick rating and one to two sentence thoughts on movies I had seen during the month of March.....
                                                                We Need To Talk About Kevin
                                                                  One of my top five favorite films of last year.
                                                                                        Rating: A

                                                                            The Skin I Live In
 Had I gone into this film not knowing anything about it, I would have said, "This has to be an Almodovar film!" And alas he lives up to his reputation.
                                                                                         Rating: A

                                                               Martha Marcy May Marlene
         As Seth Rogen said it best about this Olsen sister: "Where were they hiding her? She's the best one!"
                                                                                         Rating: A-

                                                                   The Ides of March
 This is why I love movies, they can make me care about politics. Nothing original, but very pleasantly surprised.
                                                                                        Rating: A-

                                                                                  Bonnie and Clyde
 Before Jay-Z and Beyonce there was the stunning Faye Dunaway and gorgeous Warren Beautty living the unglamorous gangster life.
                                                                                            Rating: A-

                                                                       My Week With Marilyn
                                                              Don't care for Ms. Monroe, but did like the film.
                                                                                     Rating: B+

                                                                             21 Jump Street
                                                                       Channing Tatum, funny? Yes.
                                                                                   Rating: B+

                                                                               School Daze
                                                   A both funny and serious film. I dare you not to be inspired!
                                                                                    Rating: B+   

                                                       Take Shelter 
              Not quite as good as I was expecting, but a great performance by Shannon kept me satiated.
                                                                                         Rating: B+  

                                                                              True Romance
  As close to a romance Tarantino will ever write. But seriously, my thought during the whole film: "Holy shit! Was that Gary Oldman?"
                                                                                     Rating: B+

                                                  Formula One isn't my thing, but a very nicely done documentary.
                                                                                          Rating: B

                                                      Young Adult
 Not quite sure what I was expecting, but found it a little lackluster. Thankfully, the end made up for most of it. Love films that explore psychological issues.
                                                                                     Rating: B

                                                                            The Hunger Games
                                 Overall a faithful film adaptation of the book and can't wait for the next installation in the series.
                                                                                       Rating: B-  

             No, I have never seen Scream before! Now that I have, did you guys know this movie's kinda ingenious?           
                                                                                               Rating: B-

                                                                                      The play is better.
                                                                                             Rating: C+

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